The premier objective of the company is to be a centre of excellence for total project management in our role as a solutions provider and facilitator between our global clients and vendors.

Our philosophy is built on a personal approach to service, no matter the size of the client's business, in which developing long-term relationships is key.

Success has been achieved by consistently adhering to our strategy of:

  • Maintaining ethical standards of conduct within the company and towards our clients and suppliers
  • Deliberately pursuing conservative growth, in order to preserve our service quality for and loyalty to our existing clients
  • Acting as an extension in Asia of our clients' production and buying offices located in diverse geographical and time zones, thus offering confidence, security and peace of mind about the quality and timely delivery of the product
  • Providing objective advice to our clients where we identify potential problems, helping to contain costs whilst achieving the desired quality of product
  • Never accepting an assignment unless we are confident of our ability to deliver
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