The information contained in this section is intended to provide a basic guide for our clients to enable more effective and time-efficient communication on quotations, production and logistics enquiries, and in ensuring the safe delivery of design files for production. The menu and its contents are not exhaustive; they have been formatted to provide a starting platform only.

  • Design/Production

    Summary of the steps required to ensure files are production-ready and able to be safely transmitted in full.

  • FSC™ Certification

    We have Forest Stewardship Council®(FSC) certification and are able to meet clients' demands for the use of materials or products derived from well-managed forests.

  • Paper Specs

    Summary of the principal standard paper sizes and weights and their conversion equivalents using both the imperial and metric systems.

  • Machinery

    List of the machinery and printing sizes typically employed by the company's vendors.

  • Container Specs

    General guidelines for container sizes and load volumes.

  • Glossary

    Terms most commonly used in printing and binding, including comparative international and USA terms.

  • FTP Access

    Client and vendor login for uploading files onto our servers.

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