The following are the terms most commonly used in the Printing and Binding processes and include those used both internationally and in the USA to describe the same processes for easy reference.


  • Wet proof
  • Colour proof made from the colour separations supplied. The wet proof represents the definitive printed colours.
  • Digital proof
  • A plotter or inkjet colour proof
  • Digital proofs (Inkjet colour proof)
  • Plotter proof = low resolution digital proofs (about 72 dpi); if the job is output CTP for printing, ozalid proofs (blueprints) are substituted.
    Hi-resolution digital proof: about 300 dpi or high ends; this proof is good enough to colour checking and referencing for final printing.
  • CTP or C2P
  • Computer to plate
  • FTP
  • File transfer protocol used to transfer data from one computer to another over the Internet, or though a network.


  • PMS
  • = Pantone


  • Dust jacket
  • A detachable, protective wrapper for a book, often illustrated, folded round the book, and including front and back flaps.
  • French-folded jacket
  • A dust jacket with the top and bottom of the jacket folded over the book for a more luxurious style.
  • Hardback/Hardcover: Casebound
  • Books bound by glueing sewn sheets into a separately made cover
  • Softcover/Paperback: Limpbound
  • Section-sewn sheets glued to book cover.

  • Softcover/Paperback: Notch bound or Burst binding
  • A form of unsewn binding in which notches are punched in the backs of the sections, and glue is applied through the notches to hold the leaves together.
  • Smythe sewn
  • = Thread sewn
  • Wire saddle stitching
  • = Stapling
  • Softcover/Paperback:
  • Perfect binding OR Adhesive binding OR Cutback binding OR Thermosplastic binding OR Threadless binding
    The backs of the gathered sections are cut off and the leaves are held together by glue


  • Gsm or g/m2
  • Grams per square meter
  • CIS or C2S
  • Coated one-side card; coated two sides card

The following are the 11 Incoterm rules in the shipment of goods:

Rules For Any Mode Or Modes Of Transport

  • EXW
  • Ex Works
  • FCA
  • Free Carrier
  • CPT
  • Carriage Paid To
  • CIP
  • Carriage And Insurance Paid To
  • DAT
  • Delivered At Terminal
  • DAP
  • Delivered At Place
  • DDP
  • Delivered Duty Paid

Rules For Sea And Inland Waterway Transport

  • FAS
  • Free Alongside Ship
  • FOB
  • Free On Board
  • CFR
  • Cost And Freight
  • CIF
  • Cost, Insurance And Freight
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